Welcome to SkyVault Store, we created this donation shop souley based on covering
the server's monthly payment. If the server donation amount exceeds the expectation we will
Consider using that to further progress the server and enhance the overall experience

When purchasing from SkyVault you MUST double check these things:

  • Make sure that your username is entered exactly how it is spelt in game & that it is the correct username.
  • Make sure you read our Terms And Conditions before purchasing. Failure to oblige by these Terms and Conditions will lead to a network ban.

It is also advised that you are online at the time of purchasing. Some items and ranks can be executed while you're offline, but we recommend being online. Make sure to have space in your inventory while you are waiting. Purchases can take up 1 hour to execute. Logging out and back in helps update your account with items you have purchased. PLEASE RELOG IF YOU STILL DID NOT GET YOUR ITEM.

Read our TOS at checkout


SkyVault is NOT affiliated with Minecraft and Mojang AB. Do NOT email Mojang for support as we are not affiliated with it and they will not be able to help you.


1x Immortal

Donation Goal